October Meeting

  • 26 Oct 2017
  • 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Maggiano's Little Italy - Domain
  • 12

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Modern Timber Connection Systems for Mass Timber

Presented By: Max Closen


The session will address the application of modern timber connection systems in North America`s Mass TImber sector. An overview of the available technology  of self tapping engineered wood screws and pre-engineered connection systems is provided.  This presentation will address how pre-engineered timber connection systems contribute to modern timber structures and make wood reach further. Design procedures, impacts of static and dynamic loading on connection performance as well as timber moisture content variations and their impact on connector capacity will be addressed. Furthermore, the design method for radial tension reinforcement and fire protection through wood charring will be addressed. 


Max grew up in a family of foresters in Germany and realized his passion for wood early on while scrambling between logs that were provided by his family to sawmills. His father`s wood shop has always been one of the most attracting places on the family property. Outside of school Max was always found playing with tools, drilling holes and assembling small timber members together to random structures. At the age of 16, Max decided that school was not for him and started to learn the craft of timber framing. After 5 years of working in the trade, Max became interested in studying and was fortunate to graduate from one of the leading timber engineering schools in Europe. With an engineering degree in his pocket Max accepted a job in Vancouver, BC and worked in a small structural engineering firm. Realizing that earthquakes are not fiction but reality at the North American west coast, Max saw himself forced to engage in further studies at the University of British Columbia where he graduated with a master degree in timber engineering. In his work he studied the seismic performance of various timber connection systems. Realizing that connections are one of the most crucial elements of design, in particular in timber structures, the idea of forming a company specializing in timber connections was born. Still a student, Max formed MyTiCon Timber Connectors Inc. Today MyTiCon has become one of the leading Mass Timber connection system suppliers in North America.

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